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Previous Postdoctoral Engagement:

Our research team published a number of media articles to promote our work on testing the feasibility of a Real-Time evaluation of the REF here and here.

When we published our findings, we also ensured broader coverage of the work. We reflected on the findings for WonkHE and it has received some coverage in Times Higher and Research Professional. Steven Hill from Research England has written a piece on what the project tells us about the value of real-time, mixed methods evaluation.

Blog on steps to a top scoring impact case study

Gender roles in impact and assessment

PhD engagement:

My research has been covered in the UK by Times Higher Education and in several outlets in Australia. My co author and I have published a summary of our findings in the online magazine The Conversation.

The University of York Newspage created a page on the converage.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation ran an article and a radio feature on the topic, and there were features on MSN Network Australia and the Campus Morning Mail.

I was invited to write an article for the popular blog site Research Whisperer.

I published a further article in The Conversation following the publication of Fear and Loathing in the Academy: the role of emotion in response to an impact agenda in the UK and Australia published in HERDA 2017.

I was interviewed for a podcast on the challenges and benefits of generating impact during your PhD.

I had the pleasure of being invited onto University of York’s very own radio station to talk about my PhD experience, you can find us informally chatting about all things research, viva and hats, here.

I wrote a blog for York about doing a part-time PhD.

Recently, I spoke to ABC News about learning for learning’s sake.